Justin Bieber is Finally Getting Help

February 4, 2014 3:23 PM
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Mandy Robinson

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Justin Bieber obviously needs help and now a friend of his is speaking out about it. Actually Kathie Lee Gifford revealed that someone close to Justin told her that he knows he is out of control and plans to get some help.

Justin Bieber is Finally Getting Help

Kathie actually said on Today that Justin is finally getting some help for his problems. She didn’t say what kind of help he is getting though. He could be going to an outpatient rehab or even planning a stint in rehab, but she doesn’t seem to know. Kathie just knows that Justin is moving in the right direction by starting to get help for his problems. This is obviously the first step for him.

Justin Bieber was arrested in Florida and also got in more trouble with the law since then. He went to the Super Bowl and seemed to stay out of trouble there. Things have been doing okay for the last few days so fans of Justin can only help that he is really getting help and more information will come out soon.