Paris Hilton’s Stalker Covers Himself In Tattoos of Her

February 10, 2014 9:32 PM
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Mandy Robinson

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Paris Hilton’s stalker flew to the USA from Germany just to see her. When he got here, he knew exactly where he was going and went straight for her house. The thing is he had another surprise for her as well. He has tattoos all over his body of Paris. They include her face, body, and even one of her with wings on her back.

Paris Hilton

When he landed at LAX, he went to her house right away but was already drunk. He must have enjoyed a few drinks on the plane or before he even got on his flight. Of course she has a guard at the gate who was able to keep her stalker from getting to her. He was sent home but came back the next day in what seemed to be a worse condition.

The guards were smart enough to call the cops and they arrested him. He had coke on him and was covered in Paris Hilton tattoos. At least she is smart enough to get a restraining order against him so maybe he will stay away now.