Tori Spelling Moves New Man in During Cheating Scandal

January 8, 2014 12:24 AM
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Mandy Robinson

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Tori Spelling may be dealing with a cheating scandal with her husband Dean McDermott, but that doesn’t mean that she is living alone. Reports are that Dean isn’t really staying at their new home with his wife and four kids, but another man is there to keep things under control.

Tori Spelling

Tori has her gay best friend Mehran Farhat staying with her now. Fans of Tori’s reality TV shows remember him and the two are very close. He often stays with her when Dean is out of town, but now it appears that she is really leaning on him to help her keep on a happy face. She obviously doesn’t want her kids to know what is going on and wants to act like everything is just fine.

Over the weekend Tori Spelling went out with the kids. Mehran was by her side, but Dean McDermott was nowhere to be seen. For a little bit she took her wedding ring off, but as soon as that started making headlines she put it back on and was wearing it while out this weekend. Both Tori and Dean are still staying quiet about the cheating rumors and trying to act like nothing ever happened. It is unknown if they will ever even address the rumors, but fans know Tori is probably writing it all down for her next book. That is the way she always likes to reveal her big secrets.