Tyler Shields Refuses to Take Pictures of Kim Kardashian

February 11, 2014 10:58 PM
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Tyler Shields is a world famous photographer. He used to take some crazy pictures of Francesca Eastwood when the two were dating each other. Now news is out that Tyler refused to shoot the Vogue cover with Kim Kardashian because he say she will only take pictures of people that he likes and he doesn’t like her.

Tyler Shields Refuses to Take Pictures of Kim Kardashian

A source close to Tyler said, “Tyler is the hardest person to hire for a shoot. You have to know him or it has to make sense to him.” A lot of people want to have Tyler take their pictures, but he isn’t willing to do it for just anyone and Kim was not someone that he wanted to take pictures of so he turned down the job.

Tyler Shields Refuses to Take Pictures of Kim Kardashian

It sounds like Kim Kardashian was totally shocked to be turned down. She is not used to anyone telling her no and just didn’t expect it to happen. Tyler Shields is one of the few people that had the nerve to turn her down though. Another insider did say that the shoot didn’t pay enough for Tyler considering he is busy working on his new gallery and that is his focus right now.